Jonah Waterous

Jonah Waterous was born in Canada in 1996, and raised in the Bahamas,
where he currently lives and creates from his studio. Jonah attended Queens University where he completed his degree in Sociology. During his time in University Jonah began working under his mother, world renowned artist, Jane Waterous. As a protege he learned all aspects of the creative process and began branching off to form his unique style, what he calls “dotilism”. Jonah meticulously hand paints thousands of three dimensional dots onto the canvas that creates lifelike texture and the illusion of movement as light bounces from seemingly endless dots of
colour. Jonah's works are inspired by his childhood. Growing up in the pristine environment of the Bahamas, Jonah became an accomplished freediver and scuba
diver, allowing him to become closer to nature.

Jonah’s breakout series, the “Swarm” collection highlights the unseen
detail in the natural world and the power of dotilism.
Focusing on the smallest of living things, Jonah's “Lovebug”,  “My
Lady”, and “Honey” are all miniscule insects that Jonah has scaled up
to be larger than life. Using over 200,000 dots per piece, Jonah is able to magnify their
texture and bring them to life on a scale that exceeds the bounds of

Jonah’s second series, “Love Notes”, are multimedia works inspired by his
strong connections to home, family and friends. His signature dots blanket the canvas forming hearts, which surround a written message of love. Using dotilism, Jonah transforms our thinking of what the traditional love letter could be by creating immense texture that amplifies the messages of endearment, whatever it may be.

Jonah's latest sculpture series are his playful way to symbolize his
curiosity for the extreme. Avoiding danger is a natural instinct yet, humans strap
themselves to rockets bound for the moon, drive motorbikes at 200 mph,
and dive to the deepest depths of the ocean. Perhaps these characters are not human at all?  Jonah's characters represent the evolved outliers who expand our human
potential. Each character is adorned with a helmet that he uses as a symbol of the real tools we use to push our physical limits. Jonah's use of
color and mirrors allow the onlooker to become that character, and
perhaps, inspire their evolution and
unlock their potential.